Wheelchairs, Rollators & Walkers

Independent Home Solutions offers a full line of wheelchairs, walkers and rollers for use by institutions and skill-care facilities.


Our product lines include standard wheelchairs (designed for self-propulsion by the user), transport wheelchairs for short trips between two points, as well as specialized bathroom wheelchairs.

Standard manual wheelchairs are typically collapsible for easy storage and constructed for durability.

Transport wheelchairs (aka transport chairs) are designed for shorter trips and portability. They feature smaller wheels and lightweight construction. Transport via this type of wheelchair requires the aid of a caretaker or facility personnel, as their design does not allow for self-propulsion by the user.

Bathroom wheelchairs are designed to make hygiene maintenance easier for those who find it difficult or impossible to use standard rollator facilities. Rust-resistant frames for use in the shower and an opening in the seat to allow users to toilet themselves are standard.


Similar in construction to walkers, rollators are simple frames on casters to accommodate those with mobility challenges. Featuring a pressure-activated braking mechanism on the unit’s handlebar, they stop easily to prevent loss of balance in the event of a stumble or loose footing.walker


From rolling versions to the standard frame model, walkers provide affordable and compact mobility assistance for a wide variety of patient ailments. Specialty and heavy-duty walkers are also available to skill-care facilities and institutions with more specific needs.