Vertical Platform Lifts/EZ Access

Vertical platform lifts are like miniature elevators that can offer convenient mobility when barriers or physical disabilities prevent you from easily entering your home or descending your porchway. A residential vertical platform lift is a cost-effective solution to making your home more accessible.

For people in scooters and wheelchairs, vertical platform lifts are an ideal way to enter and exit your home. An unenclosed vertical platform lift from IHS can be installed indoors or outdoors

An American-made EZ-Access PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift offers a smooth ride to varying levels, helping you navigate difficult pathways, porches, and other raised entryways. With varying lifting heights available, you’ll experience a safe way to navigate and eliminate barriers in your own home. EZ-Access Vertical Platform Lift models can accommodate a wide range of elevations and entries.

Sensors to detect obstructions and other safety features on our vertical platform lifts provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Your vertical platform lift can be customized and can offer significant lift capacity. Since our vertical platform lifts are battery-powered, you never need to worry about functionality during power outages.

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