Stairlift FAQs

  • Does Medicare help pay for a stairlift to be installed in my home?
    Medicare guidelines consider stairlifts home modifications, so stairlift installation is not currently covered by the program (here’s why). We offer financing options with OneMain Financial on purchases of new stairlifts. Click here to apply.
  • Does the stairlift attach to my walls?
    Bruno stairlifts are designed to attach to the treads of the staircase, rather than requiring anchoring to the adjoining walls. The number of clamps required to secure the chairlift varies, depending on the specific model and the corresponding length of the staircase. Some installations will require as few as three clamps or as many as eight.
  • Will my Bruno stairlift work in the event of a power outage.
    Yes. All Bruno stairlifts are battery operated, so they will continue to function normally.
  • How do I charge the batteries?
    The battery in your Bruno stairlift will charge whenever the stairlift is not in use, using standard 120 volt outlets. An outlet must be within reach of the top or bottom of the rail to properly charge the battery.
  • Are my stairs wide enough for a stairlift?
    To ensure rider comfort and safe operation of the stairlift, stairways should be a minimum of 28 inches wide.
  • What is the weight capacity of the stairlifts?
    The Bruno SRE-300 safely accommodates weights up to three hundred pounds and the Bruno Elite SRE-2010 has a maximum weight capacity of four hundred pounds.
  • My stairs are not straight. Can I still have a Bruno stairlift installed?
    Yes. In Home Stairlifts custom installs all Bruno stairlifts, so multiple configurations are available. Our team of dedicated and seasoned installers will consult with you to determine the rail configuration and model best suited to your needs.
  • Who will install and service my stairlift?
    Bruno stairlifts purchased from In Home Stairlifts will be installed and serviced by our team of trained technicians. For the convenience and satisfaction of our clients, In Home Stairlifts provides 24/7 support. Your mobility and independence is that important to us.
  • How quickly will my stairlift be installed following purchase?
    We keep most models in stock in our warehouse and showroom and strive to complete all installations within two to five days of purchase.
  • What is included in my free in-home evaluation?
    During an in-home evaluation, one of our In Home Stairlifts’ specialists will discuss available models and configurations based on your specific mobility needs. In order to make an accurate recommendation about layout, the specialist will measure the stairs in your home and survey the best location in which to install your stairlift.
  • I have a door at the top of my steps, can I still install a stairlift?
    You bet. We do it all the time for customers that want a stairlift to their basement. Some models we have to use special clamps at the top to raise the stairlift rail because we are cutting it short due to the door. Models such as the Bruno Elan–seldom do we need anything special. The stairlift can come all the way to the top and the customer can still close the door, provided the seat is not in the turned position. What about a door at the bottom of the steps? Most models have the availability of a flip up rail section so that you can keep your door.
  • How much space will a stairlift take up?
    That varies from make and model. The most narrow would be the Bruno Elan that folds up to within 12″ of the wall. Unfolded, many stairlifts take up as much as 3/4 of the stairwell.
  • How long do the batteries last in a stairlift?
    I would say on average they will last about 20 trips should the power go out. This is provided that you turn the machine off in between trips during the power outage. The overall life of most stairlift batteries are 3-5 years.
  • What maintenance should be done to the stairlift?
    Most manufacturers recommend a yearly maintenance be performed by an authorized dealer. Likely it will be something along these lines: –Test the batteries –Check all electrical connections –wipe out track and gear rack –regrease gear rack – make sure all bolts and screws are tight –check any moving parts such as wheels etc. This takes us about 10 minutes and we charge a standard service call fee. The most common issue is that the batteries need replaced every 3-5 years. Some last much longer, but I would say that is good ballpark. We charge $100 for a set of batteries installed.
  • Should I unplug my stairlift if I go on vacation?
    No, all Bruno and most other stairlifts that I am aware of operate using a trickle charger that turns itself off when the batteries are charged. Therefore they pull very little electric. If you unplug the lift the machine will beep and the batteries will eventually die. If you unplug the stair lift and turn it off, the batteries will still discharge because of the parasitic drain– that is when the machine still slowly drains the batteries even if it is off.
  • If I move can I install our stairlift in the new house?
    Yes, but you may have to either get new rails, or cut your existing rail. If you have had your lift for many years, you might not be able to get new rails, as the manufacturer may no longer make them.
  • How much does a stairlift cost?
    Most economy model stairlifts are around $3,500 including installation. Different parts of the country have varying degrees of competitiveness and therefore you may pay a little more or a little less. Heavy duty, outdoor, and custom curved lifts are more, of course. Sometimes you can find deals on refurbished stair lifts from the dealer. To give you a ballpark, we might sell a 2 year old refurbished stair lift, including installation, with a warranty, for about $2,200.
  • Which locations does Independent Home Solutions service?
    We do most of our work in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Reading, the Philadelphia suburbs such as Main line, Exton, Downingtown, Kennett Square, and Chadds Ford. We also do a lot of work in Wilmington DE, Newark DE, Bear DE and all up and down Delaware. Our territory also includes northern Maryland and the Baltimore suburbs. Please feel free to contact us to see if we service your area.