Bestbath Shower Modifications

Bathroom modifications can be the most cost-effective solutions to keep you or your loved one in their home longer. Best Bath walk-in showers and other accessibility solutions for independence can help create a virtually barrier-free bathroom in your home.

In some cases, individuals may qualify for financial assistance or reimbursement for walk-in showers when they are deemed medical necessities and/or durable medical equipment.

Best Bath roll-in showers and accessible showers are solutions for those who prefer showering over bathing or whose mobility is less challenged through showering. Roll-in showers eliminate barriers to mobility, such as a raised threshold and are typically installed in bathrooms with tile floors for ease of mobility. The floors of roll in showers are sloped so that water drains easily, away from the rest of the bathroom surface. Roll-in showers are ideal for wheelchair accessibility.

Our shower chairs and shower seats are popular solutions to help people maintain their independence and remain at home. Shower chairs provide four-legged security for additional support in your shower and make it easier for you to achieve everyday hygiene. Shower seats offer sturdy, secure comfort to make it easier for those who have mobility issues to get in and out of their shower. Shower seats can help you accomplish otherwise challenging tasks such as shaving and other personal grooming while comfortable sitting on a non-slip surface.

Other bathroom accessories can be less complex but have a big impact on your independence. Even just installing bathroom grab bars can enhance shower accessibility and increase bathing mobility.

Our home solution consultants can help you decide which shower modifications are needed alleviate safety risks and instill confidence.

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