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Dozens of models offering various sizes, fabrics, weight capacities, options & accessories!

Golden Technologies lift chairs are built to last and manufactured right here in Pennsylvania. Comfortable and constructed of high-quality materials, a lifting chair’s primary purpose is to give mechanical assistance to those who suffer from limited mobility due to chronic pain, disease or are recovering from surgery.

Sitting and standing can be a struggle for many people; don’t let chronic pain keep you from missing out on time spent with family and friends! Lift chairs are a great way to enjoy the comforts of home without the pain associated with sitting and standing repeatedly.

Electric lift chairs are available in a wide range of styles and colors, but the most important feature? The ease of operation. Golden Technologies lift chairs make it simple to stand, sit and move from a wheelchair into your recliner. These features ultimately make it safer for you to stay in the home you love — with more confidence, peace of mind, and independence.

We offer all of Golden Technologies’ available lift chair series – below is a brief overview of each series and its unique qualities!

Golden Technologies’ Lift Chair Options:

  • MaxiComfort Series – Our MaxiComfort ultimate lift chairs provide the most advanced technologies available while still maintaining the style and comfort you’ve come to expect from Golden Technologies. MaxiComfort lift chairs are equipped with AutoDrive 3.0 customizable comfort to lift, recline, watch TV, and even experience the benefits of the zero-gravity and Trendelenburg positions!
  • Comforter Series – the Comforter series is designed to be the perfect fit for anyone of any height, from under 5’ all the way to 6’8”. From Jr. Petite to Tall, we have the perfect Comforter series lift chair for you!
  • Comforter Wide Series – similar in design to the Comforter series, the Comforter Wide series is designed for individuals who need or prefer extra space between the chair’s armrests. Ranging in weight capacity from 375 – 700 lbs., there’s a Comforter Wide series lift chair for everyone!
  • Value Series – our most cost-effective variety of lift chairs, the Value series combines pillow-soft lumbar support with unique “grip-rite” arms for smooth transitions from your lift chair to your wheelchair or walker.
  • Traditional Series – true to its name, our Traditional series is the quintessential recliner with a little extra lift. These lift chairs are available in traditional leather-like fabrics as well as upholstered.
  • Signature Series – if you’re looking for a lift chair with some extra bells and whistles, look no further than our Signature series! From convenient arm storage to foldable trays or even a unique easy-transfer design, trust Golden Technologies to have the perfect customizations for you and your home.

It’s important to remember that you are buying a comfortable, quality piece of furniture that just happens to have some additional functionality. It’s important for you to test the lift chairs that we have in stock in our showroom – come visit us today to see which lift chair is right for you!

See the MaxiComfort Lift Chairs from Golden Technologies in Action!



MaxiComfort Series


Signature Series


Traditional Series


Comforter Series


Value Series


Our factory-trained staff will help you select the style, upholstery fabric finishes and colors (including Golden Technologies’ exclusive Brisa(r) and Crypton(r) for stain-, odor-, and germ-resistance) to suit your decor while keeping your mobility and independence in mind.

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