Guldmann Overhead Lifts/Wall Rail System

guldmann overhead lift in a senior friendly bathroom setup for our showroom Wall rails enable discreet, efficient traverse rails to be used along with a lifting motor. Sleek design and installation create a streamlined rail system for easy lifting and moving in an existing home or new home.

A wall rail system provides a continuous, secure pathway to efficiently transfer individuals with mobility challenges. Use with a Gullman overhead lift to move about the room or for repositioning. A wall-mounted rail system can be used for gait training, balance training, and to accomplish personal care tasks.

Guldmann wall rail systems can be installed on various walls because a flexible traverse rail compensates for nonaligned walls. Wall rails are easy to operate and when not in use, blend into your room for a virtually invisible profile. Your wall rail system will come with an integrated, two-sided cupboard for storage of lift and slings.

A wall-mounted rail system installation is easy and economical. Learn more about overhead lifts and wall rail systems.

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