How quickly will my stairlift be installed following purchase?

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Can a stairlift be moved to a new house?

Yes, but the old rails may need to be cut and new rails installed, which would be an additional cost. Older models may no longer manufacture compatible rails. Our team can advise you on your best options.

Who will install and service my stairlift?

Bruno stairlifts purchased from IHS will be installed and serviced by our team of trained technicians. For the convenience and satisfaction of our clients, IHS provides fast turnaround service. Your mobility and independence is important to us. We recommend yearly maintenance for best performance. Maintenance visits are quick and we charge a standard service call fee.

Are my stairs wide enough for a stairlift?

To ensure rider comfort and safe operation of the stairlift, stairways should be a minimum of 28 inches wide. Compact lift models may only take up 12″ of the stairway area while larger models can take up more space.

How much does a stairlift cost?

Most new economy model stairlifts are around $3,600 including installation, though pricing may vary due to a number of factors. Heavy-duty, outdoor, and custom curved lifts are pricier. We may be able to offer refurbished stairlifts directly from the dealer for a reduced cost including installation and warranty.

How do I charge the batteries?

The battery in your Bruno stairlift will charge whenever the stairlift is not in use using standard 120-volt outlets. An outlet must be within reach of the top or bottom of the rail to properly charge the battery.