Toilet Accessibility

Accessible toilets can help you remain independent in your own home. These modified toilets are typically higher than average toilets and require less floor space. The height creates less distance required for sitting and standing.

Accessible toilets meet the needs of people with wheelchairs or those who have mobility issues, as well as aiding those with colostomy bags.

The addition of a bathroom grab bar or hand grips can also aid in your independence. A bathroom is one of the most common places that falls occur. Wet, slippery surfaces pose a challenge and can create dangerous situations, especially for those aging in place. Hip fractures are a concern in particular.

A bathroom grab bar will help prevent you from slipping and give you more control while maneuvering in your bathroom space. They are relatively inexpensive yet offer stability and can add enormously to your quality of life.

Let us help you decide which toilet modifications are needed to help you maintain privacy and retain dignity in your own home.

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